Strange Facts About the Death of Ntwali John Williams

Igihe, the Kagame’s RPF right wing newspaper wrote a one paragraph short story about the death of Ntwali John Williams. Writing just one paragraph of a number one fine investigative journalist in Rwanda, with thousands of followers on his Pax TV show, media platforms and owner of a major Rwandan newspaper seems odd. Ntwali used... Continue Reading →

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Kagame’s Threatening Speech Nov 30, 2022

Major Takeaways from Kagame Speech – November 30, 2022 Analysis & Comments by SOS Rwanda Breaking News November 30, 2022: President Kagame gave his speech in the parliament. The ceremony begins with Rwanda National Anthem. The atmosphere is sullen and somewhat uncharged, lifeless. There is fear in the room. Before delivering his speech to the... Continue Reading →

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