Christine Uwizera Coleman is a writer, a motivational speaker, a Christian human rights activist and a pastor. Through her teachings and mentoring, thousands of lives from around the globe have been impacted and forever transformed!


After surviving the Rwanda Genocide where she lost her siblings, family members and friends, Christine found hope in Christ and her life would never be the same.

Christine immigrated to USA in 1997. After graduating from South Puget Sound Community College, Christine moved to the Rocky Mountain where she worked as an IT Support Specialist. She left a successful career to answer God’s Higher Calling: To be a full time prayer warrior, a mentor and a voice of Truth that stops evil.

Christine is the founder of Blazing Holy Fire ministries and heads a Jesus Army group of dedicated prayer warriors whose 12 prayer warriors had a face to face encounters with Jesus – who trained them to fight against all evil through prayer and action.  “The evil we see in the physical realm is first formed in the spiritual realm! Physical power and might alone cannot win against the spiritual evil forces in the unseen realm. To triumph against evil, both kings (earthly government) and the priests (God’s government on earth through the church) must work together. Without prayer of the righteous people, there is no everlasting victory.”

President Donald Trump and Christine Coleman

Christine is one of the nation’s faith leaders who joined President Trump in the Rose Garden as he signed an executive order to protect religious liberty in May 2017.

On September 1, 2018 Christine led the nation of Rwanda into National Repentance where persecution is at an-all-time high and where there are grave human rights abuse and thousands of people to this day continue to be killed. “A call to all Rwandans to come together and stand on 2 Chronicles 7:14” to stand in the gap and repent for the sins committed & being committed by the government and Rwandans. Sins of shedding innocent blood, killings, kidnapping, torturing, human right abuses, injustice, religious persecution…etc

rwanda repentance 2018


Christine is married to Michael Coleman and they have a son: Christian. They live in the Rocky Mountains where they continue to serve God.


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