Kagame’s Threatening Speech Nov 30, 2022

Major Takeaways from Kagame Speech – November 30, 2022 Analysis & Comments by SOS Rwanda Breaking News November 30, 2022: President Kagame gave his speech in the parliament. The ceremony begins with Rwanda National Anthem. The atmosphere is sullen and somewhat uncharged, lifeless. There is fear in the room. Before delivering his speech to the... Continue Reading →

Rwanda: Policeman Kills Michel Twagirayezu

September 30, 2022: Michel Twagirayezu, a Rwanda businessman was killed by Rwanda police in the village of Gashanda, Nyirataba district, sector Cyivuye around 3am. Before his killing, Rwanda police first imprisoned the chairman of his village whom they feared would stand in the way. Michel’s neighbors testified that in the middle of the night, some... Continue Reading →

Reckless Youth Arrests Including Minors

Inside Rwanda: Increase in arrests, imprisonments, kidnappings & disappearances. MINORS ARE NOT EXCEPTED. Hakuzimana, Munezero, Imanirafasha and many more young people were all arrested on September 17, 2022 over freedom of assembly. They had been invited to a fellowship of children whose parents are political prisoners. Munezero was one of the organizer. When the meeting... Continue Reading →

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