Fate of Some Rwandans Who Dared Challenging Kagame in the Presidential Bid. RWANDA DEMOCRACY IS DEAD! Besides Ex-Prime Minister Twagiramungu Faustin, no other true opposition candidate for Rwanda's presidential election has successfully been able to make it to the presidential elections. Candidates are arrested before election day. Kagame wins always above 90 percent. Besides, all... Continue Reading →

Reckless Youth Arrests Including Minors

Inside Rwanda: Increase in arrests, imprisonments, kidnappings & disappearances. MINORS ARE NOT EXCEPTED. Hakuzimana, Munezero, Imanirafasha and many more young people were all arrested on September 17, 2022 over freedom of assembly. They had been invited to a fellowship of children whose parents are political prisoners. Munezero was one of the organizer. When the meeting... Continue Reading →

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