Advocacy Letter On Behalf of Idamange Yvonne Iryamugwiza to the International Community.

Idamange is a courageous woman who put her life on the line by speaking up her mind and telling the truth of what Rwandans are currently going through (See youtube); something that Rwandans dare not do. In her speeches, she criticized the Kagame regime for their human rights abuses. Read her speech translated into English. She did not harm anyone, she did not quarrel in the streets but all she did was to peacefully speak her mind from her own condo. After her last speech, she was arrested and now in the custody of RIB, in very bad situation where she has been denied the right to see her lawyer and her family. Commonsense tells us to do something powerful to support this courageous woman for her heroic acts. Please read of her current situation and do something!

Herebelow in PDF and MS Word, we have provided a letter of advocacy on behalf of Idamange.

Kindly download this letter, edit as needed, sign and add the names of those in your area of influence and then help distribute. Call and make appointment when possible to congressmen, senators, lawmakers in foreign affairs department, churches and religious or humanitarian organizations. Share it with those within your area of influence especially those who are in high authority and those who have the power to influence others.

Thank you!

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