Abdul Rachid Hakuzimana: Another Kagame Critic Detained

Abdul Rachid Hakuzimana is an opposition politician and a Kagame critic. He is known to be a smart politician, sought after by different Rwandan opposition platforms on youtube and radio and Rwandan TV. He is also a former Kagame victim who spent 8 years in prison for daring to seek to reconcile former president Pasteur Bizimungu with Kagame.

Abdul Rachid Hakuzimana / Facebook Photo

On August 31, 2021 – RIB (Kagame & RPF Terror Machine) summoned Mr Hakuzimana following his interviews on YouTube videos where he criticized Kagame and Rwandan government.

Those who have followed him for many years know that like Kizito Mihigo, he has a heart to reconcile Rwandans and to see all victims of Rwanda genocide and other killings be recognized. This is a crime in Kagame’s Rwanda.

At the writing of this article, Mr Hakuzimana has already been detained by RIB. He had a chance to write a letter before his detention which is herebelow attached. As a result many call him the Rwandan Martin Luther King.

“I have a dream”, he wrote. “A dream that all Rwandans can remember their beloved ones who passed away during the 94 genocide but also all Rwandans dead in Congo and everywhere else because of the massacres. He knows very well that each Rwandan has lost someone and it is very painful when you can’t give them a true tribute because of the system that forbids other to mourn their dead unless they are the Tutsi killed during the genocide. I have a dream that all former first ladies of Rwanda can sit down together somewhere in Rwanda like sisters and share a meal.”

Mr Hakuzimana is not only a politician but he is know to be a courageous man who saved a lot of Tutsis during the 94 genocide. He also lost some members of his own family to the genocide. The Injustice System which run the whole country of Rwanda has deeply hurt him.

When he responded to RIB summons, immediately he was put in jail. We would like to remind our readers that Mr Hakuzimana had already spent 8 years in jail before. His sole crime: daring to have the freedom of speech. In Kagame’s Rwanda, he is one in thousands if not millions to be jailed because of criticizing the government and Kagame. Kizito Mihigo, the famous Gospel singer and the father of reconciliation in Rwanda was killed while in jail; not too long ago, a mother of 4 children was imprisoned for speaking out against injustice in Rwanda. A youtuber by the name of Karasira was also imprisoned for daring to speak up for the voiceless and many other seeker of truth have been jailed, disappeared, kidnapped, killed just for expressing their criticism of Rwandan government, RPF or Kagame.

Even though thousands of Rwandans became victims for speaking up, today we can see that Rwandans are no longer afraid to speak up. Rwandans are walking very fast towards their freedom. They know the risk very well, but they have also figured out that it is impossible to please Kagame and his RPF. Even when you are silent, there is no guarantee you won’t be incarcerated in Rwanda.

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