Rwanda Has Arrested Cyuma Hassan, the People’s Journalist!


Dieudonné aka Cyuma is the most well-known journalist who went to the field to give the voice to the voiceless. he is still the most popular, most loved journalist of all Rwandans.

Dieudonné aka Cyuma Hassan: He was born on June 18, 1990 in the Gakenke region, Northern Province (old Ruhengeri Prefecture).

On November 11th, 2021 was a stunner for all Rwandans. It was learned that journalist Cyuma was sentenced to 7 years in prison and a fine of 5 million Frws. Did Cyuma kill anyone? Nope ! Did he steal public funds? Nope !

A look in the mirror for March 2021. A certain Gatete Ruhumuriza and her friends had violated Covid-19 guidelines and refused to open the door for the Police when she came to arrest them. The next day, the police were making them out and announcing all over the media that it was so serious that the sentence was going to be exemplary. But a week later, they are released. Exemplary, you said? Not on them but elsewhere.

While these privileged power safely returned home, another person and his driver arrested for the same crime have been in prison for 11 months. You understood well for the same crime!

Cyuma Hassan, a journalist had been arrested on April 15, 2020, the RIB tweet clearly says it was for violating COVID-19 lockdown guidelines. Point of view!

After his Covid-19 arrest, another crime came out of nowhere, Fake and fake use for giving his press card to his driver. At first, Cyuma was acquitted of all charges against him and was released into the crowd after 11 months of preventive detention. The parquet has appealed.

On appeal, he was once found guilty of the allegations added to, “shame and harassing security services.” And for this 7 years in prison and a fine of 5 million Frws for ridiculous charges.

Cyuma is the most well-known journalist who went to the field to give the voice to the voiceless. The first time I noticed it was at the time of the destruction of Kagondo neighborhood. He exposed the injustices of this act. He was the only journalist who attended Kizito’s funeral and gave the speech to a woman who noticed the marks on Kizito’s face. He naked the military who had raped Kagondo women. He reported the death of a young man killed by soldiers for stealing. And many more injustices, the last one is the story of a survivor of the 1994 genocide who lost his property to a family member.

Hide this poor thing that I won’t see! This is the addition to Rwanda. Cyuma was disturbing, had to get rid of it and they managed to do it. But he is still the most popular, most loved journalist of all Rwandans. Imprisoning Cyuma unjustly just because he speaks to the weakest, the power comes to the back of a whole people. The legislative power has deserted in its work to be the voice of the people, the deputies are completely disconnected from the injustices that the population is experiencing.

Journalists like Cyuma were the hope of the population. The gap is widening between the privileged living like these Ancient Rome Romans in abundance and opulence and the poor living in misery and killed daily (more than 3 people this month). And all the pillars of power are to the absent subscribers to solve this gap. The job of journalism is to inform the population, but also the authorities about what is happening in the country. A mined job as just seen with the imprisonment of Cyuma.

Let’s pay homage to this journalist of the people, the cream of the creams of Rwandan journalists. A brave man, pugnace who braves winds and laughs to give the word to the voiceless. He is young and has a lot to do for his country. It’s an unprecedented loss for a country to lock this talent in four walls of a prison. Cyuma remains and will remain in the hearts of Rwandans.

Cyuma Hassan Dieudonné, niyubahwe!

Courtesy of Arian Mukundente / Facebook Post – Edited

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