Rwanda Journalist Cyuma’s Last Words Before His Arrest and Imprisonment – Part 1

On 11/11/2021, a Rwanda court sentenced Dieudonne Niyonsenga aka Cyuma (Ironman)to seven years in prison. Minutes after the verdict, security forces of all manners raided his home to arrest Cyuma as he had court in absentia.  The following are Cyuma’s last words, who believe that he is being led away like a lamb to the slaughterhouse (Rwanda Jail). As his home is being raided, from the studio, Cyuma is on air being interviewed live.

Cyuma: As we talk, Rwanda security forces have raided and surrounded my home. Security forces of all manners… Police… you name it. Those who are with me have been handcuffed.

At my home, things don’t look good. Oh, my God! Security personnel have filled my home and they have handcuffed everyone. Right now, I do not know what to do. You know immediately after the judge passed the verdict, even though the law allows citizens to appeal, in my case I was not even given that chance. You know the lawyer and I appealed the judge decision right away.

But the judge said that we did not give any evidences, but I gave them enough evidences. I gave proof of where I worked in the past as a journalist, I gave them my employment history and past work ID’s. A few minutes after the verdict was passed by the judge, they did not bother giving time for the law to be applied but instead police raided my home. Now, Police, RIB and all manner of security personnel have surrounded my home.

It does not look good, it does not look safe at my home. Please help us!

Interviewer: What would you like to tell those who will hear this message and knew what happened to you before when you were jailed for 11 years and now know that you have been wrongly sentenced again to seven years in prison?

Cyuma: You know the next thing they will more likely do, they are going to kill me (Translator notes: It is said in Rwanda, no one survives the second imprisonment – case of Kizito and many others).

By looking at the intensity and force they put into this raid in my home, you can tell their plan is to kill me. So you who hear, you who are left behind, please know that I have done nothing wrong. I have wronged no one. Please know that I am very healthy, I have no health issue nor am I sick. What is left is for them to  murder me. So if I end up dead, please know that I have been murdered and that there is no cause of death but murder. Now by looking at the speed and the force they put into this raid… that’s all I can tell you.

Interviewer: Before you go, dear Cyuma , after being imprisoned for 11 years, yet coming back with even more courage, boldness and willingness to work for Rwandans, we as Rwandans who have known you, we want to let you know, ‘please know that we will get behind you. Please know w that you have been a hero, we are behind you in everything, all the way through. If you see anything which has not been done, please know that is simply because it was not in our capacity to do so.

Cyuma: Yes, thank you

Cyuma Photo – Journalist Facebook

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