Journalist Cyuma Endures Torture in Rwanda Prison

A Rwandan Hero Journalist by the name of Cyuma Hassan, the only professional journalist who dared to speak up for the voiceless in Rwanda with detailed information, images and raw videos was imprisoned by the Rwandan government in 2021. He appeared in court on January 10, 2022. Cyuma told the judge that he was imprisoned in isolation in a very dark cave where he had not seen light for a long time. He revealed that he has not seen the sun in very long time, the condition is such as he has started to become blind.

Cyuma is being tortured day and night and is held in inhuman conditions. We call upon the international community to act quickly, bring Kagame to justice and save Rwandans who for over 30 years are suffering at the hand of one Criminal Kagame.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
“Freedom of press is not a crime.”


In this video, Cyuma’s father talks about the imprisonement of his son.
David Ndahayo, another youtuber, activist and revolutionary talks about Rwanda injustice, the corruption and Cyuma’s imprisonment.

Let’s PRAY for Rwanda!

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