Forced Vaccines Inside Rwanda Continue

Vaccines in Rwanda are not only mandatory but they are forced upon citizens.

Many videos and recorded messages inside Rwanda show that citizens are told to sign a form which says vaccination is done voluntarily however police and law enforcement are hunting for the unvaxxed everywhere in the city and in the country side.

The sad part of this is that even people are not allowed to flee the country. Many have gone missing or even died trying to flee the country.

The video below shows a young man being dragged away by the police into their van. Police patrol the streets looking for anyone violating COVID Draconian laws which include not wearing a mask properly. The young man was found not wearing the mask properly so he is taken away but who knows where?

Pure Evil

The young lady below cries because she is being forced to vaccinate. No other choice is allowed to her . She is not allowed to leave the country and flee. She is not allowed to have her freedom to choose. The only freedom she has is what they give her. This is truly pure evil. Pray that this will end and that the basic freedom which the creator has given to human kind prevails in the coming days.

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