Rwandans Continue to Be Killed Abroad

Selemani Masiya, Another Rwandan Citizen Murdered in Nampula – Mozambique

According to UNHCR, about 36,000 people were displaced by the June attacks in Cabo Delgado. Rwandans in diaspora have been saying that in the Cabo Delgado province, exiled Rwandans have been murdered in great number by Kagame’s murderous crew. Their job is to eliminate Rwandans abroad.

The Route of Organized Crime
IMN – MOZAMBIQUE, 07 July 2022 – In life, he was Selemani Masiya and lived in the Military neighborhood, in the city of Nampula, province of the same name. Selemani was murdered this Thursday morning July 7, 2022 inside his residence, which is a few meters from the military barracks and in a very inhabited condominium.

However, when it was about 11 am, his 15-year-old son, who was returning from school, when he opened the door, he found his father’s body sprawled on the floor, with signs of extreme violence on his head and a cut on the neck.

According to reliable sources, Selemani Masiya, who was a great soccer player, had refugee status for over a decade, after fleeing the eyes of the Rwandan authorities in South Africa, when the Rwanda team that he represented was competing in that country. Arriving in Mozambique, he acquired refugee status and played soccer for local teams in Nampula City, such as ECMP and Benfica.

However, in recent years he began to speak up about the extreme injustice which his countrymen are facing; Selemani did not have a profitable business, but he was a critic of the current leadership of Kigali. As we learn, all opponents of Kagame or critics of the current government regime in Rwanda are killed tied or beheaded in the neck. This is another innocent Rwandan whom is killed for criticizing the Rwandan supreme ruler Kagame.

Rwandans are being eliminated like this all over the country and even the government has always pursued them abroad to eliminate them. We are asking the whole world to come to the rescue of Rwandans.

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