Ntwali Family Denied Rights to His Body

This is the saddest post I have ever written. I present to you my great apologies if this picture offend you… it is posted only for the purpose of advocacy: JUSTICE FOR NTWALI JOHN WILLIAMS. God forbid that we should let this hero who fought for us all disappear without anyone speaking up for him! Should we abandon this hero who never abandoned us, this hero who spoke for the voiceless Rwandans till it cost him his life? More than ever before, we need to unite behind him and together demand JUSTICE FOR NTWALI JOHN WILLIAMS who died in the hands of Rwandan authorities. Those who took his life must be held accountable!

Family Denied the Right to His Body and the Right to Dress Him

According to Rwanda tradition, adult male are buried wearing their best suit. Often times, the family buys a brand new suit and dress their departed ones for the last time. This however was not the case for late investigative journalist Ntwali John Williams. For security purposes, we will not reveal the source for the info we are posting here but as you can see, Ntwali is not dressed in his suit. Our source indicates that Ntwali family did not have access to his body except two people: his wife and one of his siblings. On the day of his burial, the body was with Rwanda authorities; they are the ones who brought it to the Ruyenzi Seventh day adventist Church for viewing and funeral service. Though his family did not have access to the body, they brought his suit to the funeral hoping to change him. However, the Rwanda security authorities denied them that right. Only the viewing was allowed. As people witnessed, Ntwali was covered by what seemed to be a white long garment. The source indicates that underneath, Ntwali was wearing his regular cloths. His death is similar to that of Kizito Mihigo who was killed at the Remera Police Station in Kigali. No one was allowed to have access to Mihigo body except viewing. It was reported that many spies from Rwanda Intelligence were present at the funeral. His death was announced by Rwanda police on January 19, 2023. Police told the family that he died on the 17th @2.50 am from a motorbike accident. It was not until Thursday the 19th that the police announced his death, and they did no provide the info on the motorbike nor that of the vehicle driver who hit him.

Remera Police Station Moved Out the Next Day

Remera police station is the place believed to be where Kizito Mihigo and many other Rwandans activists & current critics were killed by the Rwanda police. One day after Ntwali’s death was announced, Rwanda police said that the Remera police station was closing its door and have moved out into a new location (see on the picture on the left.) After this mysterious death of Ntwali John Williams, Rwandans and International Community are asking for an independent investigation into his death which is similar to that of many other thousands of Rwandans critics of the current Kagame regime.

Although this building (police station is being demolished, it will not prevent investigations into the death of Kizito Mihigo, Dr Gasakure and so many other victims. May their souls rest in eternal peace.” John B Simbaburanga, former Rwandan police officer twitter.

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