Staged Attack to Justify Rusesabagina Imprisonment

Saturday June 18, 2022, in Rwanda-Nyungwe forest, there was a staged incident in which there was an attack that killed many innocent people. Rwanda police released a communique afterward, blaming the FLN rebel group but witnesses inside Rwanda and those who are aware of the working of the bloody regime say there is no doubt, this incident looks like many thousands of other incidents staged oftentimes by Rwanda security agents inside Rwanda and that it has the signature of Kagame’s Rwanda killing crew. But why would they do this at a time when Rwanda is preparing for CHOGM22?

True news has it that Kagame has it after Rusesabagina. After knowing that the Commonwealth dignitaries and high ranking members will put pressure on Kagame to release Rusesabagina, they went ahead and massacred innocent people, attributing the massacres to FLN. Many innocent people lost their lives to justify the kidnapping and evil doing of the bloody government.

This incident was verified by a witness who was on ground (people get killed in Rwanda by giving information so for every story about what is happening inside Rwanda, we will keep the names of our witnesses anonymous). The witness said that on June 18 at about 2pm, the Ritco bus was in Nyungwe traveling to Rusizi when unidentified people in military uniform ambushed it, shot the driver by the name of Issa. Driver Issa died on the spot. It might have been much firing because our witness says there was no survival in this bus, unlike what the Rwanda police announced, saying that only two people died. Our witness says everyone who was on board died. Ritco’s are like Greyhound buses and they can carry many people inside.

Those who analyzed the communique released by the police noticed also the following:

  • Communique was released right away after the incident, without waiting for a little bit of investigation into the matter which shows it was pre-written
  • the date was filled in with ink which shows that this incident was pre-planned, the letter written in advance so that the date was to be filled in after the attack.
  • the details given by the police do not match the reality on the ground

Another anonymous citizen we spoke to, who knows the working of RPF inside Rwanda said, “this is no doubt their marks, killing has become their own signature. There is no doubt it is a massacre by the bloody Kagame regime because they always choose to accomplish their will regardless of the loss of innocent lives. The witness was sounding the alarm that we should do everything we can to alert the international community to come and help Rwandans because blood is being spilled mercilessly on a daily basis but very secretly.

So we have written this article to alert the international community of what we know. This is no doubt a planned massacre so that Rwanda is justified in Kidnapping and keeping in prison the kind humanitarian Paul Rusesabagina. Warn everyone and spread this everywhere. In Africa, there is a saying: “It takes the whole village to raise a child and it will take all of us to flee Rwandans who are being treated less than animals and less than any kind of slaves we have heard of in the history of the world.

SOS Rwanda Team

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